I just wanted to share the top 10 transition lessons I've learned so far during my 12 months transition. http://www.transitioningsoldier.com/2013/05/top-10-lessons-learned-during-my.html


I can't find your top ten lessons you learned and yes I already tried your website!

1.Save money! 2.Save money! 3.Save money!!! Don't fall short on paying your mortgage the first few months of transitioning out!!!

4.If your in a medical board retirement you don't know your retirement date and if your like me I was retired in the middle of the month and not at the end of the month! Thus I got two weeks pay instead of one month pay.

5.I had assets to sell so I was okay!

6.But just be sure your spouse is on the same page and is helping and not hurting your situation which I ended up selling the motorcycle and as a retire I was allowed to get an AER loan.

7. Backward Plan (if you don't know what you want to be when you grow up) you need to seek help if you don't know what your going to do. Get that resume in order. Go over it again and again and again! ACAP will absolutely help you get it done! I was surprized to see what was actually on my resume as a Heavy Wheeled Vehicle Driver for my military career, there were alot of other jobs I did, and any school you have gone to. 

8. If your still in the service sign up for school!!! Now!!!  Plan Get with the VA to see which GI Bill is best for you!

9. If you want to give your college credits to your wife, and children (who are 18 and under) sign them at least one month of credit hours with your group reenlistment before you get out! (As long as they have one month you can change it to any months to any person and back again as long as your dependant has one month to use from your GI Bill. My son used two years, and my husband used 7 months. I still have 5 months my daughter can use!

10. Find out the benefits for veterans in each state before you make your move back home! Some states offered vets free college! It really depends on where you are at, and what you want when you get out. weight the pro and con of each item! You really have to see it on paper before you decide.

Thank you for sharing your lessons learned for transitioning @Retired2 ! These are great tips for a smooth transition.