I was informed by other military members that the Navy Federal Credit Union will be crediting it's members on November 27th due to significance of that Holiday shopping weekend ( see here: https://www.navyfederal.org/products-services/checking-savings/active-duty-posting.php .) However, it seems as if USAA is posting pay on Monday, November 30th.


Is their any chance that those of us banking with USAA will also have our account credited on the 27th? Or will we have to wait until the Monday following the holiday weekend?







Pay will be posted on Monday, November 30th. You may also visit our Military Pay, Military Payday FAQs.


Thank you.

I am wondering when direct deposited funds will become available next week due to the holiday. I receive my direct deposit through USAA every Thursday, my company submits payroll on Tuesdays.

I normally get paid 1 business day before the last business day of the month. This means that for November, I would get paid on Friday, November 28th. Because this is a "holiday", will I still get the money deposited in my account that day or will it not occur until Monday, November 30th? 

Thanks for posting Shaye and jfm8312,

Pay will be posted on Monday, November 30th.

Will USAA pay us early like Navy Federal on Saturday?

Hi Postal Kid and Love of equines,

Pay will be posted on Monday, November 30th. Thank you for commenting!

if you are scheduled to be paid on friday, november 27th, will that pay still be paid on friday? Normally, i receive it on thrusday but thursday is Thanksviing.  This is for non-military pay.



Will I receive my pay on Thursday or will I be waiting til Friday? I usually receive it on Thursdays.
I'm trying to find out the exact same thing non-military payday is usually Friday however USAA makes it available on Thursday's. Since Thursday is a holiday when will it be available?