I had soot damage to my home and I asked my adjuster several times would my lodging be covered during the cleaning process, because I have medical issues that I was concerned with. I didn't get an answer after numerous emails,so I had to pay for that myself. Now the second part painting is about to start and I feel like USAA have an issue with paying for my lodging, meals. I have emphazema, Asthma,and COPD,so you tell me why should I be going through this. I'm seriously considering on not using them any further after over 17 years as a member, I feel I shouldn't been put through all this after trying to deal with losing my father about 8 months ago and then my mom about 2 months,so to be put in a position of being made to feel like I'm a lier I can't take it any further. I have done all my business like CC, banking, insurance, auto loan, my home loan . Who gets this type of treatment after being such a loyal customer and a USA veteran.


Dear Member,

I am so very sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine losing both parents in such a short amount of time.I also apologize for the issues you are having with communication with your adjuster. I have escalated your comments and concerns to our claims department and a specialist will be reaching out to you shortly. Thank you for your long time membership and for taking the time to post here in the community.