Although I see gratude as an every day neccesity, priviledge, and tool, I know Fall traditions matter.  So,...

Yes, I've been blunt about my view about the issues between the Finks and the BRAT community.  Yes, I went through my "victim/fear/anger" phase.  Now I've settled into a more "listen before I speak", and, "be the good example" stance.

All that aside, I am most grateful for being an USAA member.  I had wondered and hoped for a few years, seeing USAA poster on public transit, if I might have the right to join.  (Turns out, my sister and others thought I already knew, but   just chose not to join.)  This year, after being pushed too far by my bank, and needing Renters, I looked into joining.  So gladI did!  I have now fully transitioned from the predatory bank I tied myself to, into USAA.  Being an USAA Member has comforted me feeling a bit more connected to my family, who I miss daily.  It has enhanced my self-identity, and shown me some options I thought did not exist for me.  I have yet to activate the many tools I know will assist me, but, I feel safer, more hopeful and in control of my finances and pursuits.

Thank you for giving militay families such a good place.  You could have served only Active Personnel and Veterans;  You serve the whole family. Thank you.

Bonnie J