I own a satellite texting device for roadside emergencies outside of cellular range. The device can send and receive texts but not make phone calls. It would be great to be able to text USAA for roadside assistance rather than having to text a friend to make the call to USAA.




I am sorry to hear about your difficulties with the roadside assistance claim.  I can contact Agero for you as well.  I would just need to get your vehicle information (year, make and model), exact location (cross streets or mile marker) and the problem you are having with your vehicle.  For your privacy, I will remove the information from the Community when I receive it.  Thanks ~ Robert.

Thanks for your attention. I did not have a problem. My post was a suggestion that there be a way to send a text message for roadside assistance when there is no cellular signal.


Thank you for reaching out to us to provide feedback regarding texting for Roadside Assistance.  I have notified our team who oversees Roadside Assistance regarding your feedback.  Thanks, Mike