We submitted a claim on December 1st for hail damage we bought our home this year in Texas, the claim was processed and approved within a few days.  When USAA contacted my wife about final steps for the claim they stated a flag came up in the system and they needed to reprocess it since it was a new policy.  Escalated phone calls, multiple submissions of inspections we paid for when we bought our home and documentation from the VA and the answer we get two months later is there was some damage claimed on our inspection report.  We already discussed this multiple times with USAA and there is a hole in my skylight and the damage is much worse from the inspection report but yet it took months to make a decision and deny this?  


I have always been a strong advocate for USAA it seems mind boggling that they can treat a customer who has invested in most of their products from checking/savings/credit card/insurance/mortgage only to be told in so many words we are lying about the damage and beyond that for it to take our actions by calling and emailing to get some type of answers on it is unacceptable and frustrating, my faith in USAA has taken a big hit I am looking into other banks because of this experience. 




We regret to hear about the damages to your home and the experience you have encountered.  We have asked a claims specialist to review your situation further and to follow up with you as well.  They will be contacting you soon.  ~ Robert