There is a thread that starts in 2014 of USAA Member so dissatisfied, frustrated, or appalled at the customer service they receive that they want the CEO to know about it, and it is now nearly February 2017 and guess what.... There is still a consistent theme of poor customer service that clearly has not been addressed at the Corporate level. The corporate culture of flippant, demeaning responses from representatives seems to be the new norm. I have just ended a phone call where the USAA representative not only spoke to me in a tone that is unacceptable, as if she were a mother scolding a toddler, she also put me on hold while I was in the middle of a sentence, and then has the audacity to tell me she is "going to put me on hold for a few minutes so I have time to cool down" when I ask to be transferred to her supervisor, because I was clearly frustrated with how she was speaking to me and for cutting me off mid-sentence to put me on hold. I don't use my military vet "card" very often, but as a former Navy Corspman (medic) I expected so much more from USAA. I know I am only 1 person and it won't matter at all when I take my business elsewhere, but maybe, just maybe, USAA will change the culture of how their representatives speak to customers, or someone else will read this and think twice about engaging USAA for any of their services.


Thanks for posting in our Member Community B-done.  We are currently looking into your situation and we appreciate your feedback and membership with USAA.  Thank you.  -  Justin

USAA creditably is questionable