If you have not already done your taxes and you need help I am a paid tax professional too and I can answer your questions.
As a veteran of two wars and a current H&R Block tax professional, I can tell you that many young military folks can suffice with a free online service or the free tax service, I think it's called VITA, that will come onto many military installations. Be forewarned, however, that not everyone knows what they are talking about, and sometimes those free online services have missed giving folks their full allowed refund. One opportunity to watch for is when H&R Block offers the free 1040 EZ... This is perfect for so many folks, and you are NOT REQUIRED to do your state taxes with H&R Block in order to get the 1040 EZ for free. When you do your taxes at H&R Block... even if you get them done for free... you get the H&R Block guarantee, that it is done right and that we'll get you the greatest refund to which you are entitled!! And finally, if you do your taxes elsewhere, you can go to H&R Block and make sure that they are done right... with a Second Look Review (usually $29, but often given for free!!) The Second Look Review will ensure that your taxes are done correctly and give you the same guarantee that we give all of our clients!!