I was under the assumption that I had the absolute BEST auto insurance. Up until today, I always felt I was "covered" if I had any issues pertaining to auto insurance/coverage, etc. but I was SADLY mistaken. I made an incredible investment when I recently purchased my first Land Rover but unfortunately, I noticed a small crack in my windshield which prompted a call to my "trustworthy" auto insurance company- USAA. I thought it would be hassle-free considering I have been a loyal customer for the last 12 years, have purchased several vehicles and insured ALL of them with USAA, have served my country, and of course, I have a good driving record with only one claim (ever) but that was far from what happened. The rep did not take my information correctly during my initial claim and when I called to correct it, I was given false information (I was told it was corrected & would be processed with no problems because I have the required coverage in my policy) then another rep called me to confirm my information and made an appointment to fix my windshield then shortly after another rep called me to tell me it was in fact NOT processed and my claim would more than likely be denied. This has been a nightmare and I have only had my truck for less than two weeks. All of this stress and hassle to get a small crack fixed on my windshield??? I have a crack in my windshield and I have two babies in the car 99% of the time. I am so disappointed in USAA! 


Sorry about your experience with your claim. I am an insurance agent and just thought I might give a suggestion, windshield coverage is covered under your comp coverage most people have a deductible which is deducted from the amount of the claim. If the claim (repair) amount is less than the deductible nothing is paid. If you have a chip in your windshield some carriers will not charge for that to be fixed although, a Crack is usually (dependent on the carrier) subject to a deductible, if you have one. In the future review your declarations in order to ensure you have the coverages you need. Check your deductibles, always ask questions about what is covered and find a agent that can explain these to you.

I'm sorry to hear about your recent dealings with USAA.  My wife called yesterday to inquire about the coverage for windshields in our policy - I seem to remember them being changed without deductible - and she was passed  around 6 times and eventually just hung up.  I am very surprised that there has been no official comment to your post by a USAA representative;  surely they have a moderator - if not, they need one...


If you are still seeking resolution I have had success with tweeting to @USAA when I have had problems in the past. Social media has its benefits.

Yes, I've been on hold and talking with Safelite trying to get a windshield replaced.  Totally inefficient.  So far, i've been on the phone for 20 minutes with no results.  The Safelite people didn't know about the auto body place, that is on the USAA site, that would do the repair.  Safelite tells me i cannot go directly to the glass place to make an appointment, I must go thru them.

I do have windshield coverage.

I can empathize with you, It is but another example of what has transpired as described in my posting asking "Has USAA Lost its Way". We can no longer expect to be treated in the manner that was exemplary when I first joined more than 40 years ago, nor even to the same level or standards as you may have experienced just 12 years ago. My greatest concern in this area are predicated upon the experiences of our current membership, and the question as to am I leaving for my successors in the military, and my children and grandchildren the same USAA with its same concerns, virtues, and special interests that I received, and that each of us as members have a fiduciary responsibility to preserve and pass on, that I received from those who founded the "Association" so many years ago. I feel that I have failed, as have my contemporaries as well, to have done so. I can only hope that we can regain our course, and set it towards a return to what we were collectively gathered to be as an entity, and cease trying to become the followers of other similar companies who have also lost their way and now follow that reptile with the Australian/New Zealander Accents, or the Waitress who hides in the shadows trying to convince drivers to willingly place a spy device worthy of the NSA/NRO, etc. in their cars in the hope of saving a few premium dollars, unless of course they are human, make mistakes such as occasionally driving too fast, and of course collecting information that may be used against them in what may become a criminal trial should their mistake result in an a collision, or other personal injury event. Is that what the membership would wish that we would be as well?

Stressful is the perfect word!  As a 20+ year USAA member, I am just so unenchanted with the service I'm ready to jump ship. I have been trying to move forward on a mortgage loan with them and it has been painful to the point of madness. They have lost documents I sent, asked for documents over the course of 4 weeks instead of just providing one master list in the beginning, don't read emails before replying so ask for items already taken care of, and the list goes on and on. We are having to live in a hotel while we wait for closing and I asked for an earlier closing date and was just told that we have to go to the president for a date to be moved up. They don't get approved so there's no point in asking. Hey, who cares how much out-of-pocket money we are costing the customer!


Now, they are taking forever to notify us of final approval on the loan even though the loan is $195K and we were approved for $375K. Really, how can this take this long. They don't seem to move forward concurrently on work, but follow a linear path and won't do anything until the "task" that was before it on the list is done. If I worked like that I would be fired. Now, the seller won't order the termite tenting until the loan is approved and so closing could be moved out further. Hey, who cares if our delays are costing our customer even more money!


USAA, you need to work more effectively and with the customer in mind. If I had to do this all over again, I would not go to them for my mortgage. What are you going to do to serve customers instead of your bottom line?

sorry about your problem, hope it works out, but dont count on help from usaa.  this blog is FILLED with posts like this (in an amongst those clearly made by employees genericly saying "how great usaa is")  get out while you can, this joint has gone down hill.  they must finally realize it as they advertise on every sports event i watch now.  used to be no advertising at all, just word of mouth.  maybe one the morons running it will realize for the price of one MLB ad you could hire a dozen customer service/claims reps who can read and comprehend above a 3rd grade level- AND THEN YOU WOULDNT LOSE SO MANY CUSTOMERS AND NEED THE ADVERTISING IN THE FIRST PLACE.  screw it, they are a lost cause. 

I gotta say, I have been with USAA for only 11 years and I have never had any single problem with them.

I think it depends on the representative you get when you call. I guess I have had good luck with USAA compared to all of you, but good luck is not in my nature so that cant be it. Maybe it is just a bunch of picky customers who think they have coverage that they dont have??? Or maybe youre not telling the entire truth, or maybe youre exaggerating the truth? I dont know but I have never experienced the things many people have spoken about or posted online. With other companies before USAA, yes absolutely Ive experienced these kinds of things. But you have to know, every company in existence has bad representatives, and maybe my luck is limited to getting good ones from USAA. Who knows.