I have always been extremely satisfied with USAA, until my most recent experience.


We hit a deer with our car and just found out is is totaled.  USAA has had the car at their salvage yard for over a week but just yesterday called to tell me it was a total loss.  To make matters worse, they are ending our rental car coverage on Monday (which will have been at exactly 2 weeks from the accident).   The way things are looking we won't get our direct deposit money until the middle of next week, AFTER the rental car has been revoked. We both work during the week and can't bur a car without the money.


When I signed up for the policy, it was sold as 30 day rental car reimbursement, up to $900.  Now my wife and I wont both be able to get to work without renting a car on our own.   I told USAA how shocked I was that this would be the case.  The USAA associate just kept repeating that the rental car coverage ends 7 days after the total loss is declared, and would not address that it is advertised for 30 days or recognize that we now don't have transportation that we need, despite paying for coverage advertised as 30 day.  


I don't know what to do, I have been such a USAA fan and always bragged about the company.  Now it seems like just another insurance company trying to cut corners at the customers expense.  Finally, a manager was supposed to call me so I could explain how this appeared, to the customer, to be false advertising.  But sadly, despite the promised call it has never come. 

Pretty disappointed with USAA right now


Dear Not Happy Customer,


We don’t want our members feeling like their concerns have fallen on deaf ears. I can understand your dilemma about needing transportation as well as your need for clarification on what the contract affords. I’ve escalated your comments to a claims specialist in order to help expedite some answers for you. Thank you for coming in the community!

Thanks Briana, Unfortunately, my customer service experience at USAA is circling the drain. I never got a call back all day today, despite the promise of the representative that I would be contacted in 24 hours, as well as your assurance that my concerns would be addressed. All disagreements on the policy aside, the inability of the USAA reps to keep their word is pretty disappointing. Beyond that, today I was messaged with a copy of the insurance policy for the next billing statement. Ironically, despite the vehicle involved in the accident being totaled (the check to the loan servicing agency was issued, although the equity to me is still on delay) I was billed for the totaled vehicle on the new policy. One more thing for me to straighten out, another USAA shortcoming. Maybe the inconvenience would seem like less if I had AT LEAST been contacted by the USAA reps who cant even seem to keep their promise to return a call. I'm just disapointed, because I (used to) expect so much more from USAA.

I wanted to check in and make you have heard from a representative today?