Surprised at the Overall LAck of Service From USAA

This issue is in regards to an online bill payment initiated on 06 Oct, to Bank of America in the amount of $1,250 from my USAA Checkign Account. That account was closed and paid on full prior to the arrival of the above-referenced payment. I called USAA and got the trace file regarding that payment and it was instrumental in getting Bank of America to admit that the payment was sent. I did have to call twice in order to get USAA to finally email it to me. Bank of America says that Bastongne, which is USAA's payment agency is holding the payment. They say there is nothing more that they can do to expedite the return of these funds since this agency is contracted by USAA. I have already filed complaints against Bank of America with the Federal Reserve, the FDIC, the Office of the Comptroller and the Office of Supervision and Thrift. I am hoping that I do not need to do the same with USAA as I have generally been quite happy with your services in the past; however, I must admit that their handling of this entire matter has mostly been one of an attitude that essentially says, "I have to wait for Bank of America". Think about that last statement for just a minute, because I should also mention that I am forward deployed in the Middle East while all of this is going on and have made USAA aware of this as well. I have made countless phone calls to both banks, and USAA basically says, "I have to wait for Bank of America" to return my money. Granted $1,250 is not a fortune, but it is a lot of money from where I sit. I have to say that I find it utterly ridiculous that my funds have essentially been in electronic limbo from 6 Oct until now (one day shy of 4 weeks exactly)! There is no way that either USAA or bank of America can justify why it takes so long to resolve such a matter in the year 2014 for an electronic payment! Just beware that if you find yourself forward-deployed and serving your country, you may not get a lot of help from the organization that presumably exists to server the financial needs of our country's service members!


Welcome to my worl of bad customer service. I want to thank you for your service to our country. Being a retired Master Chief I have the up most respect for you guys defending our country however find it discracful that you have to deal with poor customer service here at home. You have enough to worry about defending our great country. Again THANK YOU for your service.