Subversives Supported by USAA Board

USAA is a finance and insurance business. Stop using profits for partisan politics.
Only members of the board who are weak of personal dedication and cunning subversives to our Constitution, which most have taken oaths to defend, would forego partisan donations from their personal funds...and instead use USAA profits. What despicable behavior. Shame on all of you who have done such deeds or allowed them to happen.

Combat veteran, wounded warrior and USAA member since 1984. This is second time I’ve fussed at USAA about anything.
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USAA is a bank and an insurance company.


Participating in politics beyond their immediate business is will always upset a fraction of their members!


Be a bank and an insurance company, not a PAC for democrats or republicans.


Look where BLM is now -- their leader and founder resigns to live in her set of million dollar homes purchased in part by USAA?

I was directly told by a fairly high level employee that USAA is committed to Black Lives Matter and that they will never go back. The Board truly seems to be filled with cowardly people who put profit and extremist leftist social activism above all else, which includes their ostensible function as an insurance and financial services firm. The fact that we've been members for 37 years means nothing to them- I'm pretty much divested from USAA except for a handful of accounts my wife and I need to run a little charity project in Honduras.

Black LivesMatter is a Marxist, racist, violent, divisive organization.  A  stated goal on their website - before it was taken off - is to destroy the nuclear family.  USAA should not give them a penny.  


All Lives Matter!