Subscriber's Savings Account Dividend Check 2016

What is the estimated date for these check to be sent to members? Also, where can I change my preference for this to be sent to me direct deposit?


Snoopy's pnuts,


Thank you for your post regarding the auto dividend. Once a determination is made by the USAA board of directors, you'll be notified by email if you're signed up to receive your insurance documents electronically. Otherwise, we'll notify you by mail. You may update your preference on our website once you login by typing in "auto dividend" in the search engine, or selecting the "Profile and Preferences" options in the drop down arrow next to your name. We appreciate your membership.



I was wondering if the board had approved auto insurance dividends for 2016?

Nothing has been announced at this time Vitaliam.  I can assure you that once the announcement is made, you will be notified electronically or by paper mail.  Sincerely  -  Justin