Don't know where this topic would really fit, so I just put it in "Before You Move".


I'm in college and I will be studying abroad in Korea during my Senior Fall Semester. I was curious if my USAA credit card will work with stores over there or if I would just withdraw cash. 


Any input is appreciated. 


yes, it will work, but cash is generally easier overseas.

Thank you for your post, NotJunhaSim. Congratulations on your upcoming studies in Korea-- we wish you the best of luck! The USAA credit card can be used in Korea at stores. We also suggest, however, that you always have a backup card in case of emergency, fraud, or a lost or stolen card. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance! -Meredith

It should work without any issues. My son is in college in Germany and he uses his USAA debit card to withdraw money from ATMs and pay for purchases. Make sure you let USAA know about your travels dates so they don´t block your card while traveling overseas.

I forgot to mention. Germany is basically cash-only transactions for purchases.  Very few germans use credit cards in Germany. They either pay cash or use their debit cards. In fact, a lot of places do not accept credit cards for payment. Beware.