As a military company I would respectfully request the board members rethink their decision of sponsoring the NFL. The NFL is a disgrace, and USAA does not need to be associated with such a company.

Please respect your members, and disassociate our company from the NFL.



I second this. The protests are tactless and indefensible.
If you do not pull sponsorship, I will leave USAA.

I am already LOOKING at other companies due to USAA's NFL support. After reading reviews, many people claim to be getting better rates and BETTER SERVICE from other companies.  Something possitive might come from this kneeling.   I might get better insurance for less.  :-)


Has USAA forgotten who their customers are?????.  These NFL players certainty have a right to freedom of speech and that same freedom to consequences.  By kneeling to our flag and nation anthem they showing the upmost disrespect. Our military would DIE for that flag HOW DARE YOU support anyone or any organization that does NOT have the same respect for our country.

Agree.  The NFL used to be entertainment, now it's a platform for antics.


I also ask USAA to stop supporting the NFL.



I completely agree.  I did not watch any NFL yesterday and got an amzingly incredible amount of things done. Maybe the NFL is in my past anyway but these knee benders are what pushed me away.  If USAA continues to support the NFL I will find anouther bank.  There are plently of local banks who would love my business.

You guys are messing up big time.
Your motto is, "We know what it's like to serve", however USAA is sponcering the NFL. So my question is, do you think USAA is living up to their comment, and serving service men and women????? As a member of USAA now for over 16 years, i can come to a conclusion, either Have USAA stop all sponcership of the NFL, OR LOOSE A CUSTOMER, AND TRUST ME ALL MY VETERAN FRIENDS ARE ON BOARD. The ball is in your court USAA, QUESTION IS ARE U WITH US, OR ARE YOU GONNA TAKE A KNEE TOO?

I agree 1000%

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