Please do not sponsor the NFL. It disrespects those who served.


If you support your vets, stop supporting the NFL who does not!

I've been a USAA member for over 38 years, my 3 kids now have families of their own and are members now as well.  We will pull our membership if USAA refuses to pull sponsorship from the now anti-American organization, the NFL.  The NFL does not support God or the 2nd amendment, and now they do not support our country or our flag. They allow their players to disrespect our flag and what it stands for, the one that allows them to make millions off our sacrifices.


How can USAA say they support our troops when the NFL players, whom they financially support, disrespect our flag while the Military Honor Guard is presenting the colors during the National anthem?  This is unacceptable. The NFL no longer represents American values and USAA should no longer support them!  Are you listening over there in Austin???


Please cancel all sponsorship for the NF:L, I feel very strong about this and can not continue to support USAA as long as USAA supports the NFL


Think it's time WE all start looking for another insurance company. The board of directors don't care what we have say. Remember, voting will be coming up again soon

Dear USAA,


You have broken my heart and the hearts of many other military members. There is no logic to the reasons you/USAA give for your continued support of the NFL. Since about 1984, I have been a member and a huge fan of USAA.  USAA was built by the military to serve the military.  USAA, me and countless other active duty and retired military are "battle buddies".  We stand up for each other.  Your stance on the NFL feels like the battle buddy in my foxhole has stabbed me in the back with a knife.  USAA is guilty of "cowardice under fire" and running away from engaging in the all-important battle of "ideas".  The battle here is for ideas and USAA is supporting an anti-military agenda. 


To quote a line from the "Princess Bride", what USAA is doing here is "simply inconceivable."  The NFL is doing a perfectly good job of defending the First Amendment rights of its multi-million dollar owners and players.  That is not USAA's job.  It is also not USAA's job to reward the NFL for its disrespect of the military by using dollars from military members to pay huge advertising dollars to the NFL.  USAA's job is stand with its active duty and retired members in supporting the Flag and National Anthem under which ALL of USAA's members have served AND under which many USAA members have come home in flag-drapped coffins


Now - to your logic - you want to use OUR dollars that we pay to you to advertise to military members on NFL programming?  What?  In what world is this fair and just?  I am a USAA member - you never asked me.  Did you ask any of our members?  Did you poll any of "our" members?  NO - you just coldly rejected our deeply-held beliefs abour duty, honor and country.


Next you argue that your continued support of the NFL is really all about "reaching" military members.  What?   If you want to "reach" members of the military, you need to be positive about the military and what it stands for.  Just look at your many commercials on TV showing USAA military members speaking positive about USAA.  That is your market and you have successfully reached that market through many other avenues than the NFL.  Do you see that your position is the height of hypocrisy?  Instead of "reaching" military members, you are "rewarding" elite athletes in their open disrespect of our Flag and National Anthem.  Your continued support encourages the NFL to continue to disrespect "our" members and the Flag under which they serve.  You are funding this disrespect.  Your silence and tacit approval by continuing to advertise is a slap in our faces!


What you should be doing is standing with us!  You are our voice!  You have tremendous power to hold the NFL accountable.  You speak for us and you have the voice of thousands of military NFL fans -78% according to your own numbers (or is it 36% - is that before or after the National Anthem crisis).  Budweiser is standing up to the NFL and actively polling their military customers on whether to drop all advertising for NFL.  How shameful it is to USAA that a beer company is the first to be more sensitive to the broken hearts of so many former military-NFL fans.


Shame, Shame, Shame on USAA -you have broken my heart and betrayed your customer base!  I will encourage President Trump, Commander in Chief, to call you out publicly by tweeting about how USAA has betrayed its customers and its country.  I will work to move all my business as soon as I can away from USAA. 


Totally and sincerely broken-hearted by your betrayal of all that I thought "we" stood for!


CAPT Thomas Orr, USN (retired)

The citizens of the United States have a right to protest and petition the government for a redress of grievances. The NFL is a corporation. Corporations are not required to have fascist points of view about restricting the rights of their employees.

USAA should do what is in the best interest of the USAA organization and members. If advertising on NFL games helps USAA and members of USAA, they should advertise. Otherwise, they should not.

I think that the Board is focusing on marketing at the expense of service to the membership. USAA was a viable and growing company without all of the marketing and out of control growth. Attention to detail has decreased based on my experience.
I agree. Sadly, today’s USAA is no way the same as the one that I joined and started purchasing insurance from and banking with 38 years ago. Marketing seems to be the focus at the expense of member satisfaction. I hope the Board puts the brakes on sponsorship of organizations like the NFL.