we found using Skype to touchbase really helped our young daughter adjust to deployment.


Rica- I LOVE Skype! We celebrated Christmas via Skype one year and it really made being separated over the holidays easier! Thanks for helping kick off our new spouse community! Please share with your friends.
You might also wish to check out some free video conferencing websites such as Powwownow.com or Mikogo.com. You can easily share your laptop to view photos, presentations, or anything you might wish to show/share online with your deployed Spouse.
Skype and G-Chat have both helped ease the strain of deployment soooo much!! My husband and I are 5 LONG months into his first deployment, and it's really comforting to be able to
My husband and I have been married for two years. This is my first deployment and the first time I've been away longer than a month away from him. We only get to Skype once a week so, when we do see each other. Its awesome. We both always look forward to Sundays. It's our "Skype Day".
We have also used Skype. My son loves talking to his daddy on the computer. This is our 3rd deployment and using Skype this time around has made this one so much easier.
skype is the best thing i came across so far. My husband has a number i can reach him on. Which i love! Our 6 mnth old son gets to see him on video chat. An he also gets to call my phne with a good connection just matters where he is stationed best to luck with everyones deployment stay strong!
Chazz, I have never heard of Powwownow.com or Mikogo.com. I will have to check those out!
Dixie Chick - I have never tried G-Chat, I will have to check that out also. Thanks for finding our new community. I hope you will share this place with your friends. :)
During one of our recent deployments my husband had the opportunity to stay well-connected. We were able to Skype almost each night. He would read our daughter a good night story via Skype, and then we were able to spend some private time together. We found that timing is everything...unfortunately that may mean sacrificing sleep on someone's part! Find the time that allows for the most bandwidth availability and connect at that time. The stronger bandwidth allows for a clear and full-stream connection. For instance, simply by accident, we celebrated our Christmas at ~2am (my daughter woke up and came out of her room as I was placing the last present in front of the tree and chatting with my husband via Skype) - our Christmas connection was perfect! However, Christmas morning (when everyone in the world is on) we could not establish a connection. My husband had missed every birthday celebration from 3-6 years old. To ensure that he was able to participate in her 7th birthday, I held her party at our house and had a friend