USAA take a stand and do what’s right. Stop blindly supporting shows and networks based off of some advertising executive’s demographics spreadsheet. Review all of your add buys and remove yourself from those who continue to tear America apart with anti-military, anti-democratic, anti-American hatred and propaganda. All shows that spew fascism, white rage, white supremacy, and Russian propaganda should not receive one dollar of your support. Do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.
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Since you mention racism, etc. have you looked at Joe Biden's multitude of racist remarks throughout his political career? Especially during the 1970s.   Many of which were voice recorded.  So are you only against racism, etc. on the side of your political opponents or in general?  Until you protest against Biden's racism, your protests fall on deaf ears.  Funny how racism only applies to your political opponents.  I also notice that you left China out.  You do know that Biden is beholden to the Chinese.  Hence the nickname China Joe.

So you get to decide what categories apply.  It is interesting that you did not include the groups that are doing the most rioting and damage.  Have you not heard what is going on in Portland Ore?  

Bigbb - So I guess USAA should advertise with Portland rioters? I didn't know they did.

Do the rioter's have an OPINION SHOW?  I don't tell USAA where to advertise.  It is their choice.  You don't like it then leave USAA.

Bigbb -


Well ,you should be able to tell USAA where to advertise. It is a mutual insurance company, and , presumably, you are a member. If you don't like it, try to change it. Only a coward tells someone to like it or leave it.

Inspectort - 


Coward, really?  No, I'm not for suppressing someone's right to free speech.  How many things does USAA do that you tell them to do?  You are a member right?  Can't you tell them to lower their insurance rates, pay better CD rates, etc?  You're a member right?  You want to change USAA, then become a member of the Board of Directors and try to enact the change you want.  Until then, you don't like what USAA does then leave.  You don't like what Tucker Carlson says, then don't watch him.  In this country, you don't have the right to suppress someone else's free speech.

Did you not hear about Jan 6th? A group of thugs tried to destroy our country, beating police officers and invading our capital! Fox must have left that out! Portland riots were over a black man being killed by a police officer on national tv! Neither was good for the country! But fox news, who USAA supports, is now saying the capital riot was just tourists!

I you think Jan 6 was an insurrection it had to be one of the worst in history.  Jan 6 was a riot just like what has been happening all over the country.  But why do you get to choose who gets to speak and who doesn't?  Who made you king?  Someday someone in power might not like what you say and permanently silence your voice.  If you don't like what USAA is doing, take your business elsewhere.  (Which would be a smart move anyway.) Despite efforts by leftists to silence voices in this country, this is still a free country.  Take your business elsewhere.