Space Force

I work as an Air Force First Sergeant in support of the Space Force.  A Guardian approached me today to advise that it was hard to be a member of the United States newest branch of service when they can't even select Space Force on a drop down of branch choices.  Request that USAA add the Space Force, their respective ranks to address Guardians and Space Force icon choices too.  This will assist Guardians in feeling included while interacting with businesses who support the military.  In addition, by USAA not currently having this option after the Space Force has been in existence for over 2.5 year, it shows that they are not progressing with the times.  A thorough scrub of your website to include Space Force Guardians would be much appreciated by them.  Thank you for your consideration of my request.

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@SpaceShirt, we appreciate your advocating for this change and we hear you! We are currently developing the capability to add Space Force as an option in our eligibility process. For now, Guardians should click "Air Force." We will communicate updates on this initiative when they become available. I hope this helps and we appreciate you reaching out in our member community to voice your thoughts. ~Suzy