In a few months I'll be retired. The assummed wait time between applying for a position and any interview has me worried. Has anyone recently or is experiencing this?


Retirement Services Program ---- then my army benefits.

Hope you've gotten an answer by now bro.

The civilians work at their own pace.

I recommend you tell your prospect that they aren't your only choice, and give them a deadline to tell if they are considering you or not. Show them you're organized, and that this isn't a game with you. If you appear desperate, they'll string you along.

Make use of any unemployment you're entitled to. I used every cent WA would give me while I searched. I qualified for a VA program known as the Vocational Rehab Program. You need >= 30% to qualify. They paid all reasonable ed costs. I am a Registered Radiologic Technologist today with 10 years of experience because of that program. The Gov't legislated my original ed bene's away, but the Voc Rehab Pgm turned out better.

Make sure you've attended any transition Assistance Training your Branch offers, and take good notes.


Contact me anytime if you need to talk. Syd N. CPO, retired (360) 649-0392.

Thanks for reply xrayman. Coincidence you replied at this time, doing the "Job" networking part of ACAP, or soon-to-be-known-as "SFL-TAP" [Soldier For Life Transition Assistance Program] this week.

Thanks for advice, that hasn't come up yet as part of our "elevator speech" or resume.


Will certainly KIT.



Hi "STBC",


It is a legitimate concern. Another common situation is companies put out "feelers", posting jobs that really aren't available yet to see if there is talent or what the pool of potential talent looks like. I would ask pointed question as to when they're planning on hiring or starting a training program if it's that type of program, and do your homework.  


Just be careful because some companies will post a position that they hope to get funded and then will show how many qualified people are available and hope to get the position funded while they waste your time trying to prove a point.  I waited about 9 weeks for a training program to begin after accepting a position because it was a huge company, well-respected and it was well known that they hired on an on-going basis and ran training programs approximately four times a year. Doing research on "Glassdoor" let me know this was legitiate and all has worked out well thus far. Best wishes!

That's what I heard during SFLTAP(ACAP). Also, that 'glassdoor' was a good resource.

mgsr1: Looks like some great advice has been shared here and you're taking advantage of the transition assistance program as well! 


Please be sure to visit the GOING CIVILIAN link on USAA Member Community. There's a collection of articles that might interest you.


All the best in your career search!