Should i qualify for (FULL) USAA membership? **Unique situation**

So I've been with USAA for about two years and absolutely love it (customer service, great products etc.). However it came to my attention that I'm not considered a "true" member (not eligible for insurance and what not). USAA was my first bank account and I opened it when I was 17. I come from a unique family situation where I lived with my older brother for about 4 years with him being in the army as well as him being my legal guardian (I was his dependent, he paid for my expenses etc.) for that time period. I'm in college now and in the near future looking to get a car. It would be great if I was able to get my insurance through USAA as I use them for all my primary banking. But as of now I’m ineligible. So my question(s) are:


Under my circumstances would I or should I qualify for full USAA membership?


USAA is kind of vague about its “dependent” definition. Also my account with USAA was opened while I was still his dependent.


And if so how would I go about to fix it.




P.S. Also I don’t get to say this often so I will say it now. I have a deep respect for the military not just through my brother but also my grandpa who served in the war. Thanks to all the amazing people and their sacrifices that make our country great.


My guess is that USAA will consider you a 'full fledged' member once you've demonstrated through time that you're responsible customer.  Usually this entails developing a solid credit rating and a history of on-time payments, etc..


Good luck.



You should switch to GEICO and your local credit union. USAA won't pay out on a large claim. They've convinced you that your special but its a privilege to be a full member. Ygtbsm! Jump ship when you still can and go to companies that will actually be there when you need them and not just blow sunshine up your @$$. I tell all the young people W/ whom I have contact to avoid USAA because they screwed me put of a claim, after 24 years of membership. Do not trust this POS company or the drones who slave for it.

I wouldn't sign up with GEICO if they were the only insurance company in the market.  My entire family got dropped by GEICO after I got rear-ended on the freeway as a teenager.  The other guy was ticketed and everything, but GEICO forced our family out anyway.  They suck.  USAA is a far better company.

You should give USAA a call to find out for sure. I would not pass up the opportunity to maintain your eligibility. USAA is without a doubt the best insurance company in the country. 



I just want to say that I was able to qualify for full membership. I just had to show proof of being a "military dependent".

According to the following webpage:

"For USAA P&C Group membership eligibility purposes, a former dependent is an adult, or otherwise emancipated, biological or adopted child, stepchild, legal ward or an unremarried widow, widower, or former spouse of a USAA P&C Group member. USAA uses Department of Defense definition criteria of dependent as a person eligible for dependent military benefits."

I'm am grateful I was able to qualify.

So if you were adopted or a other type of military dependent you should defiantly apply for membership. USAA rocks!