For years, our family has always raved about USAA and the wonderful products and services that we have received.  In the last few months, this seems to have dramatically changed.  For instance, when trying to get a home loan, we are passed to no less than 4 different individuals and forced to repeat and resubmit info over and over only to find errors, computer issues or delays.  The same has happened with the USAA Movers Advantage.  We get emails and calls from multiple indivuals all claiming to be our "new" point of contact.  Why can we not just have one person stat to finish????  

When ordering a certified check, there is no physical proof that the check was actually sent and to which payee.  I even did a chat with a technician to see if maybe I was missing something.  They to could only should that a check was requested....not for which payee, not to what address it was sent, not what time it was requested.  A bank should have this information and it should be available to the user just like any other image of a check would be listed under the account.

Additionally, when trying to get quotes on home and auto insurance for our next location, we find out that our policies are still listed under a state that we moved from over 9 months ago despite having called and changed it way back then.  This means that if something would have happened, our stuff would not have been insured because they were providing coverage for a house we no longer live at and not our current address.


The fees too seem to be increasing with various services.  Not cool!  You are making loads off of your members, especially now that you no longer have physical locations.  So please, go back to your old standards and practices that we all came to know and love.


Hi N-limbo - I've replied to your original post. - Cathleen