We had a flood in the house. Major damage. But we have USAA insurance and everything will be restored. One system knocked out was our ADT security. When their technician arrived he quickly assessed the damage, but told me replacement cost would be several hundred dollars less if I went through ADT sales. He called and made appointment. Within 5 minutes the sale rep called and he was at my house within 45. He looked at the control panel in the kitchen then the master panel in the basement (the one that was damaged), made some notes, then completed a worksheet, handed it to me and announced that our entire system, inclluding every window and door sensor, had to be replaced and cost was $1499, more than $300 OVER the cost worked up for me by the technician. I challenged his costs and his statements. He didn't make any effort to explain - just stared at me. I told him he was lying (I said more than that) and threw him out of the house. He didn't even flinch when I called him a liar.

I called ADT and spoke with two supervisors. Both confirmed that most of my system was viable - and, while not in so many words, confirmed my assessment of the sales rep. I am supposed to get a callback from the Springfield VA office director, I won't deal with underlings. If that call doesn't come by noon today I will call ADT Corporate in Boca Raton, FL and bluff my way into a conversation with a corporate officer. It isn't about the money - USAA is there to cover my loss - it is about the man's boldface lies and his attempt to cheat me.




It was great to see USAA will fullfill their insurance obligations by your comment "We had a flood in the house. Major damage. But we have USAA insurance and everything will be restored."


I am surprised to see your comments about ADT, but it looks like they are trying to work with you. Let us all know how it all turns out.


Thanks for posting.