In Nov 2016, I canceled my auto and homeowner policies because the premiums had gotten too high. Due to annual cost of construction estimate, USAA had continually increased the value of my property beyond the actual market value and USAA wouldn't lower the value. I could no longer afford the premiums so I changed insurance companies, which I hated to do since I had been with USAA for 46 yrs. Will I still get a Senior Bonus for the 11 1/2 months I still had policies in 2016? I am still a member and have a loan.


Hello Nancy. I'm so sorry to hear insurance was no longer affordable for your property. Our insurance department is currently out of the office, however we will be available tomorrow and will respond to your inquiry. Thank you! - Darrell

Hello Nancy and thank you for your inquiry about your senior bonus payout. All 40 year plus members will receive their yearly payout as long as they had a policy active 6 months prior to the payout date and have had a active policy for over 1 term. - Ralph