I am getting an error message that reads "Your transaction request cannot be processed at this time" (16:1722) Any idea what that means?

The Pay Someone option only allows you to send $100. Just FYI. 

I just sent $1,000. The transfer went through and I wasn't given any sort of notice of a limit.

How does the receiver gets the money, directly into their checking account?

Looks like this mode of transfer is restricted only to USAA members. If I need to send money to say an email address which is not registered with USAA, you would have to go via Paypal.

The pay Someone Tab appears on the iPhone version of the app, but not on the iPad version – even though I just upgraded to the current version

iPhone version of the USAA Mobile App has this feature, not the iPad version, as I have both and the latest versions of the USAA Mobil App, and it is NOT on the iPad.


USAA, please build this feature into the iPad version of the USAA Mobile App.  Thanks.

still doesnt work for ipad or overseas - not good for busienss at all

Yeah, I don't have a pay someone tab- there's an assist tab, that is all.