Does anyone know how to send money to another USAA member? A friend was able to send me money with just my name and phone number, but my app doesn't seem to have that function. Am I doing something wrong?


In the app menu, under transfer money, there is a drop down menu. The top option, "Pay Someone", allows you to enter the person's first, last name, and email address.

If you have a T-Mobile phone, the option is not available to transfer money to a person.  



Devion is CORRECT!




Here are the individual steps:


1. Log In on the USAA Mobile App (if you haven't done so already).


2. On My USAA Menu select Transfer/Deposit, then Transfer Funds.


3. On Transfer Section:


3.1. FROM: Select Account (from drop down menu)


3.2. TO: Select Pay Someone Tab, then complete the FORM.


3.3. AMOUNT and DATE: (Self explanatory).


3.4. Press TRANSFER when done.




Hope our advice helps.

How do you transfer to someone from PC web login




Click here to see How to Transfer / Send Money to an Individual Using USAA Website.


Hope the link helps.

This is what I'm looking for, however after I click on "Pay Someone" the app doesn't continue. Any suggestions?

When I pay someone with this feature through the app how does the receiver get paid? Is there a limit on the amount I can pay someone?



As for your first question:


  1. When using the USAA Mobile App to Transfer Funds (which I haven't done myself) I believe the "other individual" receives a text message or e-mail from USAA.

  2. When using the USAA Website to Transfer Funds, the "other individual" will see the ACH Deposit in their account .

  3. In both of the above cases, you won't know if the transfer was ok unless you ask the "other individual".

As for your second question:


  1. The limit should be the same as for all Funds Transfer - that is - $5,000.00.

  2. Click here to visit the full Frequently Asked Questions Section about Funds Transfers

I hope I answered your question.



QUESTION: Did you complete ALL SECTIONS (From, To, Amount, and Date)?


If so and you still have problems with USAA Mobile App? Try these suggestions:


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2. You can try to contact USAA about your ISSUE or a PROBLEM / COMPLAINT via their Twitter Response Form




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Phone Menu Tip:
At the main menu say: "Technical Support", or the name of the specific feature, such as "Mobile App" or "Deposit at Mobile."



USAA can't begin to address your concerns until they hear from you.


I hope I have helped in some small way.