Does anyone know of any good scholarship sites/programs for military dependents, outside of what the GI Bill offers?



Thanks for reaching out in Community! I have attached a link to an article you might find helpful: for military.

Hi 716,


There is also a great Facebook page that lists scholarships and programs for military dependents. Follow Military Spouse Education Initiative as they post regularly. Best of luck to you!

I will check them both out thank you for such a quick response!

Yes, I am looking for scholarships for military grandchildren.  If you know of anything, please let me know.  



Do research on Military ROTC Full Tuition Scholarships. (Reserve Officer Training Corps). Each military service offers 4, 3, and 2 year full tuition scholarships. Once awarded the scholarship, whatever university the student can get accepted to (it must offer an ROTC Program) the military will pay for everything for the entire 4 years (tuition, books, fees, year book, class ring, “everything”), plus the student gets a monthly allowance for the entire 4 years. Upon graduation the student is commissioned a Second Lieutenant and then owes the military 4 or 6 years of service, at the end of which he can either stay on active duty or leave the service.

It is basically the same as going to one of the military service academies but the student gets to pick what university he wants to go to.

It is highly competitive in both academics and showing leadership potential.

Before the student knows it he will be retired from the military and struggling with some private company to not present itself as a representative of the US Military and to not send his money to an organization that shows disrespect to our flag and country.

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