Im scared of losing my benefits just because I got approved for unemployability under a year


What do you mean? Was it temporary or listed as total and permanent? I also was granted individual unemployability, but it is total and permanent. Before you stress yourself, simply call or clarification or go to your local VA office for help.
It was permanent and total with no more C&P I guess I'm just scared because I was in jail for nine months and I didn't receive anything while I was in jail but when I got out I had three c and p was determined 80% overall after three months of being out they paid me back a year and in jan filed for unemployability while in PTSD treatment and was determined unemployable permanent and total in August. I just don't want to get hit with an overpayment, but I heard and read if I do I can ask for a waiver and if they grant it I do not have to pay back!!
Most likely, you won't get charged with am over payment. Take it as a blessing and take this as an opportunity to get things together. Congratulations on the award. Happy New Year

Dear Becca21: Thank You for your post on USAA Member Community! On this recent article, some programs that might be helpful for you can be found. The VA can provide more detail that shown, but this might be useful for you.