So, I recently got into my second fender bender within two month. I filed a claim for the first because while my car was fine, her bumper was dented in. This one is just a minor scratch to the girls bumper. I'm thinking about just paying cash to get her bumper fixed because I'm terrified if I file a claim again USAA will drop me. I'm less worried about the rates, but does anyone know deciding factors of USAA considering dropping you? UGH So stressed.


Good morning Ambull,


Sorry to hear you were involved in a fender bender. While claims activity is considered at each renewal, we cannot say for certain if your policy at renewal would be impacted by your two accidents mentioned. - Ina

Typical response from an insurance rep.  USAA is a great company, but it is an insurance co.   Of course it will go up.  Often the % increases are published.  If you do get dropped, your problems really begin.  Many carriers will not insure someone if they have had recent claims.  Sad to say, but best to pay the lady.