Last week returning from NC, a rock from the construction worker.s truck in front of me hit my windshield.

Reported the issue online to USAA.

USAA linked me online to my local Safelite dealer in Sterling, VA.

Yesterday, they fixed it. The 2 chips, between 3/8" & 1/2" total, are now barely visible.

Safelite did "good."

They warned me that the chip may expand during the repair and that it would still be visible.

USAA paid the $68 in repair.

They obviously cleaned the windshield and vacuumed the floormats.

The coffee was not bad either.

Only complaint: The TV was not on FoxNews... :-)

Could not have had a better esperience. 

Note for the next "victim":

1. USAA wants the license plate of the car/turck from which the rock came. I did not know that...

2. It takes less than 1 hour in most cases.

3. Let Safelite know whether your windshield has heating strips. They must order it separately.