USAA has so much information for families and servicemembers.


However, what happens to those who end up disabled and on social security benefits?

The social security system for the disabled is so confusing. Getting your benefits started, knowing what benefits are even out there. The income for those on disability is so low, many end up in terrible living situations, or on the streets, because they don't know how much help, and how many programs there are out there for qualified low income persons with steady income who make an effort to maintain their credit. 

This is a crazy system, and people need help navigating it. Assitance with accurate information on where to go, and who to talk to find these programs. 

I believe that this would be a perfect topic or forum for USAA to add to it's information pages, and include in its' life events, sections, and employment status, as well as its financial advice column. As it is, it appears as if USAA is almost purposefully neglecting this life event possibility in every area. I was looking through their tiles, and I felt for sure I would find something. 

I am just beginning to deal with this, having been pronounced 100% disabled. I have found some of the systems I mentioned above, which I intend to take advantage of in the future, but just knowing where to start in the system, who is the first person to go and talk to, and how do I find that person? 

Does anyone have any advice on this subject?


I've had help from The Patient Advocate Foundation @ 888-879-4210. They will help you find an organization that may help you. I'm hoping they will help me.

It's worth a shot and an application.

Best wishes and prayers.