I have called 5 times to get an update and I neverable to get an actual update. I first submitted my application along with my PCS documents and they couldnt find my submission, that was on February 5th,  so I submitted again on February 22nd and the agent said that it would take 3-5 days for a decision, so that meant the process would have to start allover again. Then they said I had a duplicate and that this may be the reson why benefits were delayed. When I called back after 7 days no one can tell me anything about my application. The operator said the notes showed that the orders were the only thing on file but my application was still missing. After further review the operator said they saw the submission.  They transferred me to another department and I had to explain my situation alll over again, the operator said that all they could do is notate that the orders were submitted on time and that the application was submitted, also that they will notafy me when they get someone working on my APPLICATION!!!! GREAT!!!!!!I do you mean no one has even looked at my application??????.

This is killing me because Iam currently paying high interest on two of my loans and a USAA credit card and its putting a whole in pocket. If I am not eligible, I wish they would tell me. Then I could make a decision to go another financial institution and get a better interest rate to pay off my debt. This is poor customer service!


Thank you for reaching out to us in Community. I am having a bank team member review this and they will be reaching out to assist.