Like everything else, do the homework for your particular situation and see what works. We will have paid an amount by the time my husband reaches 70 (18 years after retiring with 20 active years) that is much less than what we would have been able to buy a whole life policy/annuity for. Not everyone is in perfect health when he or she retires, nor are they automatically service connected and going to be able to claim c&p. It is what it is. I've also seen a lot of people who lack the self-discipline to keep those payments up and loose everything they put into an annuity or life insurance policy and then what does the spouse have? As a kid in who joined in 1984, I was always told "never pick anything but option C." That is what I picked ironically enough but my husband did not  - no complaints.

I like your advice. You are covering worste case scenarios. That's why I said to get help to make s good decision by exploring your options. I consider sbp another tool in the box. I don't like whole life because the one making the most money is the agent, and the cash value build up so slowly. To come out ahead in the first 10 years, one of you had to die!!
I stand by my earlier posts.
It all comes down to this basic question and your risk tolerance:
Do you believe your wife will outlive you for more than 10 years? If yes and your comfortable with the risk, SBP is the prudent option.
Do not forget that SBP reduces your retirement tax burden and that the amount of payout is subject to COLA adjustments. You are paying in today's dollars for a future pay rate. You will be hard pressed to find an insurance policy that can do that.