How do I get Rewards from payments or atm transactions?




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  1. The only "Rewards" given out by USAA are:
    • The USAA Rewards™ Program Points tied to the various USAA Credit Cards shown here, and;

    • The USAA MemberShop® Rewards given at the online USAA Member Shop as shown here.
  2. For more information about getting and redeeming USAA Rewards™ Program Points click here.

  3. For more informaton about getting and using USAA MemberShop® Rewards click here.

    • See How does it work? FAQ #7.

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I am still unable to figure out how to actually go about redeeming the points. I always search the site and it is never clear how to redeem.

How do i go about redeeming my points to my account?

To Redeem points:  Go to My Accounts page, then My Accounts Summary, then click on the credit card that you are getting the points from. When that screen shows up go to the right hand side of the page and you will find Redeem Points and under that click on whatever catagory you want, we wanted cash back and applied to our bill so we clicked on the cash back line and then a box comes up and you pick how you want your cash back. The rest will explain itself.  Hope this helps.

The page does not load once I click on the View and Redeem Points link to right hand side. Does this progeam still exist. I once was able to receive cash back and travel rewards and would like to do so now. Please advise

On your account page, there's a sentence that reads "I want to..." with a drop-down box. Click on the box and at the botton there's "See Options."  Click on that to the next page, then scroll down the right side until you see Reward Points. Click on the link "View and redeem points."

I was having this same issue. I finally figured out that, if you are referring to offers similar to the USAA American Express Cashback Rewards Plus Credit Card, this is actually a rebate and is automatically credited to your account one a year each January. You can not opt to get the rewards points paid to you whenever you want like some other rewards programs. The info from the USAA website states:


"A USAA Cashback Rewards Plus Credit Card allows you to earn a rebate on each purchase you make with your credit card. Rebates are automatically credited to your account every January for rewards earned the previous twelve monthly billing periods."


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please tell me how to redeem rewards.



forgrt about it.