Returning Warriors: Tell us your story for how you adjusted to civilian driving

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I've been deployed 6 times and each time I returned home, it has been a difficult task. After the first time I used to sit at the light and time it. I would go just before it turned red again. Overpasses, Im til this day scanning before entering and in the rearview mirror after exiting. They say practice makes perfect but in reality with deployments and driving I dont believe it. SSG, USA

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I always have the issue of driving too slow and watching for things on the side of the road that don't belong there. That has caused my attention to gravitate a bit. I know that I have to really focus until I get back to normal.


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Since coming home, I've had a few anxiety attacks (new to me) when a driver suddenly swerves in front of me. When this happens, I have learned to breathe slowly and tell myself "I'm okay now, nothing happened". I've learned to leave a 3-4 car distance between me an the car in front of me. It's helped me to not slam on the brakes from anxiety.


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I was a combat driver, all of these questions fit me. I still have issues driving but Im getting better. My wife really helps me too.