Returning Warriors: Tell us your story for how you adjusted to civilian driving

Returning Warriors: Dealing with the Perils of Civilian Roadways:

A shared experience that I hear from my friends who are in the military is that there is always a bit of an adjustment period for getting back into a normal routine when coming back home from a deployment. And depending on the environment, driving on civilian roadways seems to be one of the most difficult everyday tasks to adjust to. Have you had this same reaction or something else that's been especially hard to deal with? How have you coped?


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I was excited to do something normal when I got back. My wife was at work so I went grocery shopping. I have never felt so clostrophobic (sp?) in my life. I was surrounded by people with baskets. Seems really ordinary now. But that first week back wasn't ordinary for me.
Anyone else have that sensation that they're leaving something behind? Like, "got my keys, got my wallet... what is it?" It's your weapon.
When i returned i had a hard time going past bridges. I would see people, whether they where there or not, always looking for snipers. I had to give in, and get help at the VA. The programing i went through really helped at the time. It never goes away, but you learn different ways to cope, day to day. I wish you the best, and thanks for your service.
why does USAA even have a forum if they are going to delete peoples stories about there lives, especially if you are trying to help others integrate back into civilian life by sharing details about your life and how you adapted? I dont get it? Anyone?
In Houston there is an Excellent organization called the "Houston Military Affairs Committee." It is an umbrella organization, under which all the many other Vet-oriented organizations function that are in the Houston, TX area. Its monthly email newsletter provides links to every type of Vet benefit, support group, or special event in the area. It has been of great value to me; and I highly recommend using its services.
Is that umbrella organization only for Houston? I could use that in Colorado.
i was wounded in Afghanistan last may was only there for 4 months before coming home but in that short time saw more combat than most people ive ever meet retired or still in and have a problem still a year later adjusting going through my med board no matter where i am im still not comfortable in my own house some times is there anyone else out there that has the same thing no matter where your at you still feel as if your not back and your dreaming
I am a former spouse of an irak Veteran. Back when my husband returned we were quite happy with a few regular differences. until i noticed that in the course of these i had become the missing enemy at home. First i was misunderstood, unapprechiated than mistreated, left, returned to...repeat...and beat up. Family was hard to deal with for my husband after his return. Defeat was unaccepable. Sounds familliar? Anyone?
Exactly, My friends tell me that they feel naked when they get home after a trip. However it differs for everyone because everyone has a different mindset when they leave and come back from a deployment. They do say however that its nice to drive on paved roads and not have to worry about IED's and ambushes. Cheers,