I will be renting a car to move from Texas to Oregon in a month. I have Renters Insurance with USAA. I also have car rental insurance via USAA.


I can't even find a reference to theft in my renters policy...  Let's say I'm staying in a motel and someone breaks into the rental vehicle in the middle of the night and steals everything I own - is this type of situation covered under a renters insurance policy? Do I need to just take photos of everything going into the rental car (does it matter that it's a rental car and not my own) ????


Hi nomiwise,


Congratulations on your move! I hear Oregon is beautiful!


I wish this question was an easy answer... it actually depends on your individual policy. I would recommend calling a member service specialist at 1-800-531-USAA (8722) to ensure your policy will cover stolen items from a rental car and what kind of documentation you would need if something like that were to happen (which I hope it doesn't!). I am sorry I cannot be of more help in this forum!


I recommend you take inventory of all of your belongings as well as picurtes before you move no matter what! Better safe than sorry!


Best of luck on your upcoming move and be safe driving!!