I've been a USAA member for 12 years and all this time I've paid for the rental reimbursement benefit on my auto policy. I get into an accident and use the benefit but I'm told I don't have any coverage beyond the 30 days. Well it's been two months since accident and my car is still in the shop being repaired and Usaa won't extend my rental coverage!!!! Who made this auto contract to only cover 30 days? Every situation is different! That needs to change. Why limit members? They told me they don't have extra funds to pay my extension. So why give employees Christmas bonus? Instead set that money aside for member needs or change the rental car coverage contract. I'm sure 12 years of paying for this coverage and not using it should have set aside enough money to pay for a rental beyond 30 days!!!!!!!!


Did you read your policy when you got it? Thirty days is standard.
Of course I read my contract that's why I know it's only 30 days. But never in my wildest dreams did could I imagine that my car would be in the shop for now two months. The preferred usaa shop I used in this small town does not provide loaners and I just don't understand why usaa extends my rental coverage. I'm stuck with no car and it's been difficult. My Lexus already has gone over 10k in repairs but usaa won't total it because if they do they have to pay over 20k so of course they rather get it fixed. They should at least extend my rental coverage.
I demand that the contract be changed from 30 days rental coverage to as needed.

My experience with 2 other insurers dealt with a rental $ cap or a daily rate cap. but not a time limit. 

Therefore, the more expensive rental vehicle meant I reached the end of my rental coverage quicker (in the case of the rental cap) or that I was responsible for the amount of the daily rate that exceed my policy's daily rate benefit.

The posters who are complaining here need to take a breath.


If you have such a grievance with your insurance then why not leave and go to Geico?  Is it really that big of a deal?

If you're not at fault then go to the other person's insurance for reimbursement.  Unless you were negligent enough to have caused the damage you should have no problem in retrieving your oop costs.


Come on people ......... grow up and stop whining.

R. Scott & Cynangel ...........




LOL@ Cynangel ............ "I DEMAND!"  


Yeah, OK.

This company is garbage. You pay your bill faithfully and never used the benefit. Now you need them and sorry it's our policy. Yea, a policy they made up to benefit them. Did they offer to give you a refund of the money you paid for something you didn't use that year? No, they took your money and didn't even say thanks.

Getting a refund because you didn't use it.  Why that's like not paying for something until you actually need it!   If I was going that route, I wouldn't be buying insurance, I would simply pay for everything out of pocket.

I'm worried that USAA dragging their feet in getting out to look at my car will push it past 30 days (also a small town, where everything takes a lot longer to get in)...although the lack of an appraiser slowing the repairs might be balanced by the fact it's day 3 after the accident and USAA's only option for my rental car still doesn't have a car (although Hertz has had plenty all along)