This is a bunch of nonsense that we can only use car rental for collision damages. Engine mechanical problems are just as bad and leaving us stranded out with out a rental is a terrible way to do business. Not everyone gets in collision accidents and we can't predict what's gonna happen to our engines on long road trips even if our vehicles have preventive maintance done to it. This one tick me off, I might have to re-evaluate my use of usaa.


I agree completely, we just had to put our car in the shop for almost a week because the A/C went out and they had to order the parts and have them shipped to Hawaii, we also had the brakes fixed. They had to rip our dashboard out COMPLETELY and we ended up having to get a rental car for 5 days because I had no way to get my 2 kids to school, me to work, we had medical appt. ect. It was almost $500 JUST for the rental car and almost $1800 to repair my car. We had to borrow money just to pay for all of this because USAA doesn't cover rental cars unless you get into an accident. You'd think that with as long as we have been USAA members and with the fact we have auto, rental, and jewelry insurance and pay our bill every month ON TIME. They could at least allow you 1-2 rental reimbursements a year for coverage other then when your in an accident.