I have a 762 credit score with Experian, a 780 with Transunion, & a 789 with Equifax, yet I don't qualify for their best auto loan rates. I do everything through USAA, life insurance, savings, checking, investing, dental, car insurance, renters insurance, and have had home loans through them before. What do I have to do in order to get their advertised best rates or are RBFCU and Navy Federal better options at this point?


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I'm not sure anyone gets the advertised best rates. But you bring up a problem, banks should start putting percentages of people qualifing at the advertised best rates. Otherwise, you will never know if it's a bait and switch. 


  i.e. Store: "Tomatoes 80% off*"  *For only buyers with an 850 credit score and a home on Mars (fully paid off).

i must agreed with you, i cant understand how can i get an better rate with another credit union than USAA. I have been a customer for 10+ years, is sad to say but USAA have lost its way. The insurance rate were the only reason i stayed with USAA but now that it have increase i no longer need it services.  i must say it was nice USAA but you just dont have the drive or show of effort to keep your loyal customers. Now me being the leader that i am , i must ensure my Soldiers save as much money possible and no longer i can recommend USAA.

Thank you for posting today and for speaking with us on the phone earlier blenis.  It is disheartening to hear you feeling this way.  This last thing that we would ever want is to lose any of your business with such a long time member.  I have routed your concerns to the appropriate area as they are very important to us.  Thank you for your membership.  Sincerely  -  Justin