There use to be an icon that took you to a "catalog" where you could purchase items with your points.  Your points were shown in the upper right corner.  What Happened ??  I can't find how many points I have and I can't find the "catalog" to browse thru and purchase items. 


Im looking for the same thing and cant find it.

Go to your card account and scroll to the bottom. Fourth bar over of account services.

Sheesh. Thanks for providing the instructions. I had the same problem and I'm very disappointed with USAA. This is not what I've come to expect from them. Hiding the redemption page is downright sleazy. This is the first time I can think of (and I've been a member for nearly 40 years) that I haven't been really delighted with USAA. It's a small thing, but disconcerting given my high expectations for USAA customer service.

I am experiencing the same issue. I cannot locate the rewards icon or any place within the site where I can check my rewards balance. It appears that this feature has been removed from the site and needs to be replaced. Come on USAA, fix this issue! I am able, however, to see my points from within the travel section of the Member Shop (if that helps anyone else).

I've experienced the same difficulty with redeeming Eagle miles for airline travel.  Why has USAA gone to disguising this feature that should be more prominently available to the members?  Disappointing and frustrating to work with!  

Seems pretty typical.  If they offer something to entice you to get their credit card, but make excercising of that offer too difficult, people will not excercise the offer, but still keep the card.  USAA signs up more people to credit card offers, but never has to provide the actual reward.  Hiding the way for us to redem to points is a win win for USAA.


USAA:  If you don't like comments like these, make it easier for the user to find and redeem the points accumulated.

USAA hides the redeeming points such that it is difficult to access.

My statement says to check my account summary page for more information about my usaa rewards but there's nothing there. Please explain.

I'm trying to find out about my points and can't