I received a call from 877-240-1420.  The caller left a voice mail stating that this was USAA calling regarding "your" products and services and asked for a call back.


is this legitimate?  I searched the usaa.com web site for this number and it was not found.  Other searches on the Internet were not inspiring.. in fact, alluded that it is a scam call.


Can you advise?


This also happened to me today, January 12, 2016. Same phone number. Is this a phishing scam?

Hi SpongeBob911 and abpk1990,


No, it is not a phishing scam. If you inquired online about a new P&C product, or if you are brand new to the USAA family and recently established membership, our outbound team calls members to welcome them to the USAA family and see if there’s any way we can assist them product questions.


Hope this helps, thank you for commenting in Community!

If USAA in fact does have a person place a "welcome to the family" call, then I think that it would be only an extension of that courtesy that the caller leave a message and identify themselves.  I am a new member, and I just did purchase auto insurance.  But I also made it perfectly clear that I DO NOT want marketing contacts of any kind under any circumstances.  I expect that you will respect my wishes.  


The bad news for you is that if you continue to try to make these kinds of calls to me, or if you even call again and do not identify yourselves, I will cancel my new auto insurance policy and place it with a company who will honor my request for privacy.


Sorry guys ... you are an industry which has abused the customer to death and which continues to do so.  I have no loyalty to you nor will I make any accomodations for you.  You have taught me to be that way, and you have brought that on yourselves.  So, if I see this phone number again, I will be someone elses customer.


Does anyone else out there feel the same way that I do?





Thank you for reaching out. We understand and respect your request for privacy. I have made sure you're marketing preferences are restricted. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We appreciate your post.

100% this....

Hi there Spongebob911 and By-tor.  This number is a valid USAA number. As we serve the financial needs of military members and their families, we team up with agencies like LQdigital to help us answer your questions about USAA products. You may use the keyword "LQdigital" in our search field on usaa.com to read detailed information. We hope this is helpful. ~Jen

I received a call today from this number. It just popped up as a "missed call" despite me having full cell signal. The voicemail was also all "welcome to the family." Now, I've been a member of USAA since 2004, so it seemed very sketchy. I opened up a new credit card with USAA a few months back, so I'm guessing that's why I got the call? That's a terrible business practice in this day and age when we have to be super skeptical about everything.

Hi there, Wolkpack89.  That is a valid number used when we reach out to see how you are doing with any new account you may have established.  If you wish to have your number removed from this list, we can remove you to avoid any other calls. ~Jen

How can this be coming from USAA and then they are asking for our bank card information?