Before leaving the country I knew I'd need more cash then I had on me. I called and had my atm limit raised to 800 dollars. When I finally made it to an atm between flights it only allowed me to withdraw 400 per usual. Of course by this time usaa was closed. Now logging into my account, (in Panama City, Panama) I see that you've emailed me a fraud alert. The killer, I called and was reassured it had been raised only to get an Online notice telling me that it was suspected fraud? This is what I get for sticking with USAA, even after they tried to give me THE WORST RV loan on the market this summer. I've always sang high praises for USAA, but that will surely change. Thanks for the international fees. #youstink


justCarter, hello and thank you for reaching out to us regarding your recent experience with your account. I understand you are traveling and have encountered an issue using your debit card. I will send a secured message through for you to review. Please log onto then select the drop down arrow by your name followed by Alerts and Actions then "My Messages". The message will be available within te next ten minutes. Thank you. - Rhonda