Re dumping Sean Hannity: I have 35yrs with USAA I'm going shopping

I joined USAA in 1982 when it was limited to Officers, and have seen a steady decline since joining. Dissing Sean Hannity has been the last straw. I'm going shopping. I stayed when the membership opened to everyone with a pulse.  Then when USAA didn't give me motorcycle insurance, and was nearly killed by a USAA driver, and had to sue USAA just to get what my motorcycle was worth- (I had a broken right arm and got nothing for that) I stayed. When they wouldn't help with my mortgage, I went elsewhere, and did it again when I bought a second home, and a third. I have seen a steady decline in USAA. It used to be an honor, a privelege to be a USAA member, not anymore. VADM Bird won't even have the fortitude to offer his email address, we are left to a blog. With 35 years serving the USAF (28 active duty and now 7 as a contractor), I do not believe in coincidence. Yet, sadly, VADM Bird implies that their ending support for Sean Hannidy is coincidence. Somehow, they looked at their own policies, after supporting the left wing likes of Rachel Madcow, and discovered that they were in violation of their won policies. "Our long-standing advertising policy has been not to advertise on opinion-based shows to avoid any suggestion of bias or support for one set of views over another." This is total BS.  They caved. No honor, no fortitude. A shame. USAA: you obviously do not know your customers- and haven't since you opened the floodgates. VADM Bird: if you want me to stay you have my email address. I WILL respond, Sir. Please give me one reason to stay. Saving $15 a month means nothing to me- I cannot support a business which has lost its touch with its customers. I am waiting for your reply, Sir.


Let's hope you get your reply! Thank you for your service Sir!

I'm a customer with over 30 years and am very happy if they'd stop supporting the venomous Sean Hannity.  Not everyone in the military is right wing....

The purpose of advertising spending is not a social experiment in "feels and Likes".  Personally I consider hannity a buffon. That is irrelevant.


His brand of conservative media is loved by millions... If there was a concern, they should have polled the membership 


NOT bowed down to George Soros