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Now that the USAA Annual Meeting is posted, after 31 comments back and forth with Mic1, can you provide an update to the member / owners on the results of the 2018 USAA election process. There was an item on changing the bylaws to allow non-members to be senior executives and so on. Any links that have updates on who was elected and what changes were approved to the bylaws?

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@StandUnited, Each board of directors nominee was approved with at least 97% of votes in favor of those nominees. The proposed bylaws change also was approved with 93% of votes in favor of the change.  Thank you.

First let me say thank you for responding to my question with a specific response rather than forwarding it to a subject matter expert. That was a pleasant surprise.

Hopefully the remaining few percentage points of votes included at least one vote for me when a fellow 47 year member (“BrownieBug”) sent a post to me in early August asking if he could vote for me for CEO as a protest vote and I made the mistake of replying “yes”. Of course the next day USAA disconnected me from the community forum for 30 days, conveniently to just after the USAA elections.

When I inquired why I was disconnected I was told I repeated a topic. When I asked what topic I repeated I received no response. If you don’t believe me ask Joseph Madrid, USAA Member Relations Advisor. He never replied to my private message with telling me what topic I repeated and his co-worker was literally left speechless when I finished my polite conversation with him.

But it’s nice to know that only the candidates who USAA said we could vote for were voted for (it’s amazing how well that works in Iran and China as well); and it’s nice to know that our by-laws were changed to allow non-USAA members to now serve as USAA Senior Executives of our member owned company; and its nice to know that we are all now just another customer of just another Starbucks or Target.

May the USAA of General McDermott Rest In Peace.

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General Robert F. McDermott (USAA CEO: 1969-1993):

“The mission and corporate culture of this company are, in one word, service. As a company objective, service comes ahead of either profits or growth. I don’t want to expand those bylaws. I don’t want to take on the world. I want us to serve a niche and serve all its personal financial needs as best we can. Our members started this company and own it, so this company exists to serve their needs.”

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New elections upcoming.  How do I vote for you?  Ballot looks like it was copied from those of Cuba, North Korea, CHina, or the former Soviet Republic...only one choice given.

I agree with this post/comment. Why is USAA supporting the NFL, since NFL advertising is extremely expensive?  Though I don't disagree with the players wanting to protest, I place the blame solely on the NFL for allowing and indirectly supporting it (I think to try and placate millennials, i.e. more viewers?). The NFL line on free speech is simply a lie, as they continually squash free speech by limiting players TD celebrations and what they can wear. The players are working for the NFL and the NFL is allowing them to protest 'on the clock' so to speak.

Looks like this got posted under the wrong topic. I enjoyed your comments on this also, I vote to be counted and not vote for those I have no choice. I definitely voted against the amendment. With the membership expansion I find it hard to believe you can't find someone qualified? It seems USAA has really as you mention become a big business and they need a big businessperson to run it now? I also couldn't find the election results and they couldn't give them to me in a chat even and said I had to physically call a long distance # to get them. In credit, somehow that did get sent to the area and I received a phone call back and they voice mail saying the results would be posted.