does anyOne know if usaa plans to issue new debit cards with the chips?


Hope they issue the card soon. I now have to show a form of ID to the store cashier because I do not have the chip card. One of the machines I used did not accept my USAA debit card as it was only set up for chip cards, that was at a Target. USAA please give us updates on when to expect the card. Vendors had to be equipped on October 1st to receive these cards. How come members have not received theirs?
Also, I read In the USAA blog that chip and signature cards will be released, not chip and pin. So how will members use ATM machines if there are no pin capabilities?

Thank you for your question. USAA is currently in the process of converting all debit cards and credit cards to Chip Cards. This conversion process will continue into early 2016. Please keep in mind that it is possible for joint account holders to have their cards converted at different times through the conversion process.  New cards will need to be activated upon receipt.