I separated with a Honorable Discharge from the US Congress in 1980 as a US Army Captain, and I am a member of USAA since the 1980s. First I was living in New Orleans, Louisiana and then we moved to Ponce, Puerto Rico in 1987. In 2011, we had financial problems and went on disability, so I canceled my Auto Policy because I couldn't afford the Ins payments. A year later that things got better, I called to reinstate my Auto Policy and USAA refused because I have to be deployed or living in the US. I tryed to explain that Puerto Rico is US, a US Possession, we are American Citizens and had to Serve in the US Military like any other American Citizen. I was very proud to belong to USAA


It went out before I finished.

I was very proud to belong to USAA and still am, but it hurts that USAA is now with such policies regarding Puerto Rico. I do not know who to write so that's why I'm posting it here..


    I'm sorry to hear about your troubles and am glad things are getting better.  I'm afraid that USAA isn't the same Company it used to be. Their policies and procedures have altered significantly in the last two years and it is now clear that they are "just another insurance company." Many of us old timers are casting off all lines and moving our insurance to other companies (Geico seems popular). Don't hold your breath waiting for USAA to come around--their members just aren't that important to them anymore. Good luck!


Thanks for your response.

I can see what you say when in other comments
posted in Member Community, somebody from USAA replayed immediately the easy comments, while they ignored my postting with no response. It makes me thing that USAA does not even know where Puerto Rico is, they think that PR is a FOREIGN COUNTRY.

Well, thnks again for your response.,

I know how you feel.. I have been posting about offering us mortgage and refinance loans.. yet nothing has been done to service our Soldiers and Vets on the island...