Be very careful in deciding to protect your property through USAA. This company will NEVER pay out what you are protected for under your policy limits. What's worse, while you and your family are attempting to put the pieces back together of what used to be your life, your UPP adjuster will be creating an even larger gap in your life. We had a house fire 7 months and 6 days ago.We believed USAA would protect us, but it has all been a lie. Although the dwelling was completed in just under 5 months, the personal property has still not been completed, and we submitted our list 6 months ago. Now the claims adjuster is just toying with us. Is this how you treat customers?


Dear CPTDrNixon,


Than you for taking the time to comment in the community. I have sent your comment over to a business specialist, and they are reviewing your claims concerns. Someone will be reaching out to you directly. Thank you.