I am looking for advice from a Vet who has already left service in a situation similar to mine, i.e., less than retirement time, but more than 4 years. I received an Honorable Discharge and returned to school. I plan to graduate with my degree in Mechanical Engineering. What is the typical GS starting grade I should expect to receive. I know if you are fresh from the university you can expect a GS-5 or 7 (if your GPA is high enough). But does being a Veteran count towards anything in pay? Thank You!


Dear Magicus: I'd recommend you check out some of the groups on LinkedIn. There, you'll find lots of people who have gone where you're headed. It might provide a great place for you to network and connect with others with your specific background too! You also may wish to check out Military.com's Veteran Employment Center. They have a Skills Translator and a bunch of other helpful information. I read that you're studying Engineering! You might be interested in this Military.com article I found that lists the top paying jobs in the US: http://www.military.com/veteran-jobs/career-advice/job-hunting/top-10-paying-jobs-in-the-us.html?col... All the best to you and your studies! Sincerely, Chazz Pratt USAA Veteran's/Military Spouse Community GOING CIVILIAN https://www.usaa.com/inet/ent_blogs/Community?action=communitypost&comm=milspouse&blogkey=milspouses...
MAG, I just started with the VA and I love it I am not on a GS scale I am a WG scale but you can expect with some degree AA or BS you should get at least a 8-10 depending on where you go to get work. USAJOBS.gov is where I found my job and like I said I love it wish I had started looking there sooner I could be retiring right now but live and learn. Good luck