The REWARDS REDEMPTION or CASH-In sucks!  It is archaic, antiquated, and just unacceptable for a company that says they are modern and cutting-edge.


Today was one of a couple times in 28yr membership that I received 'no help' lousy service.  Not totally George's fault but he was not as sharp as most.


The rewards program has been revamped regarding Cash Reward.  Starting SEPTEMBER, you can now have your cash reward deposited to your Checking/Savings vice old fashion Applied To Credit Card Balance.  Cool!  NOT SO.  Do to system problems it is not in-effect.


HOW HARD would it be to place a disclaimer on the promotional page to say Unavailable Soon or Working?  But no, let the customer discover the snag and cause our frustration.


Simple solution, simple communication.


Enough said.




(yes u may call me)


Dear 2NJOY,

Thank you for your long time membership and for taking the time to share your experience. I apologize for the frustration caused by the rewards redemption. I have escalated your feedback over to the bank so they can further investigate.